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Sophos Firewall Subscriptions for CR35wiNG
Combines the best of both Sophos and Cyberoam Next-Generation Firewall technology

The EOL date is March 31, 2021 for all Cyberoam Network Security Appliances (iNG and Virtual) and the Cyberoam Central Console (CCC). All Cyberoam products will have reached End of Life and will no longer be supported after March 31, 2021.

To enable the best protection for you, we recommend upgrading to XG Firewall at your earliest convenience. Special promotions are available when you migrate from your Cyberoam appliance. Please speak with us for information.

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.

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What is Sophos Firewall OS?

The Sophos Firewall OS is the new firmware that combines the best of both Sophos and Cyberoam Next-Generation Firewall technology bringing in key innovations such as RED, stronger email protection with SPX encryption and built-in DLP, Security Heartbeat, Advanced Threat Protection and a smart, task-oriented GUI. It takes simplicity and protection to a whole new level.

Which form factors are supported in order to deploy Sophos Firewall OS?

Sophos Firewall OS can be deployed on a range of Cyberoam hardware as well as all virtual appliances.

Will I be able to deploy Sophos Firewall OS on my existing CR device?

Existing CR devices running on only 10.6.2 MR2 or 10.6.3 MR1 will be able to deploy SF-OS. CR devices running on 10.6.2 MR1 and below will first need to upgrade to the above mentioned firmware versions before being able to upgrade to SF-OS.

Which Cyberoam models can be upgraded to the SF-OS?

The following Cyberoam models can be upgraded to the Sophos Firewall OS:

*These devices can NOT be upgraded at the moment but migration to the SF-OS will be available for these devices in the future releases. Once available, the customer will see a dashboard alert announcing that the device can be migrated to the SF-OS.

By when will the CR models that are NOT supported in this release become available for migration to the SF-OS?

The engineering team is working on it. We should be able to support the migration of remaining CR models to the SF-OS in the next MR release, or in the v2 release at the latest.

Once the SF-OS is available on a device, the customer will see an alert on the product dashboard announcing that the device can be migrated to the SF-OS.

Is there any pre-requisite to be met by CR devices to upgrade to SF-OS?

All supported Cyberoam devices should have either firmware version 10.6.2 MR2 or 10.6.3 MR1 to upgrade to SF-OS.

Is there any minimum licensing requirement to upgrade regular and NFR Cyberoam units to SF-OS?

There is no difference in the CR Licensing requirement for Regular and NFR / Demo CR units that need to migrate to the SF-OS. Both units need to comply with just one condition: Only those Cyberoam devices that have valid subscriptions as on 1st January, 2016 and beyond will be able to migrate to the SF-OS. If any subscription is set to expire on or before 1st January, 2016, customer is advised to first renew it and then upgrade CR Appliance.

Is there any cost attached with migrating my CyberoamOS device to SF-OS?


How can I upgrade my existing Cyberoam HW device/Virtual device to SF-OS?

An alert - "Sophos Firewall OS is available now" will appear on the product UI with the link to SF-OS. Alternatively, you can find the same under Upgrade Firmware options on the Cyberoam Customer Portal. Please refer to our Cyberoam to SF-OS Migration Guide for step-wise details.

Can I evaluate SF-OS before initiating license migration?

Yes. The Sophos Firewall OS comes with a 30-day evaluation period along with a fully loaded FullGuard license.

What will happen to my existing Cyberoam configurations and reports when I upgrade to SF-OS?

Your existing configurations and reports, except for WAF, shall be preserved.

Will I be able to roll back from SF-OS to my last CyberoamOS version? How?

You will be able to roll back from SF-OS to your last CyberoamOS version only before you migrate your licenses. All you have to do is reboot the appliance and select CyberoamOS to boot it. All previous configurations, reports and subscriptions (except WAF) will be restored once the device is rebooted. However, any new configuration (including features exclusive to SF-OS) will be lost once you roll back. The downtime in this roll-back is similar to the time required for rebooting your system.

Can I track my Cyberoam subscriptions after I upgrade to SF-OS?

Yes, all your Cyberoam device subscriptions can be tracked via Cyberoam Customer Portal even after you upgrade to SF-OS. However, once you have migrated your licenses, you can track your subscriptions for such devices from your MySophos account.

How will my Cyberoam subscriptions get affected when I upgrade to SF-OS GA version?

On upgrading to SF-OS GA, you will get the following two options:

What happens to my Cyberoam Customer Account when I upgrade from CyberoamOS to SF-OS?

Your Cyberoam Customer Account will continue to remain active. You will be able to register new Cyberoam devices as well as manage the old Cyberoam devices running on CyberoamOS. You will also be able to manage your Cyberoam devices undergoing SF-OS evaluation using trial subscriptions. However, your migrated devices can only be managed via your MySophos account.

Will my CR serial number change?

Your CR Serial Number will remain the same during evaluation and even after migration. It will be prominently displayed on the SF-OS UI.

What is the maximum duration in which I can roll back SF-OS to CyberoamOS?

You can roll back to CyberoamOS in a hassle-free way any time before you migrate your licenses to SF-OS.

What happens when my SF-OS evaluation period ends?

At the end of your SF-OS evaluation period, you can either:

In case you do neither of the above, the device will roll back to the SF-OS base license in case of a hardware device. In case of a virtual device, it will be rendered useless with no active licenses running on it.

Will I get tech support when/after upgrading my Cyberoam device to SF-OS?

Yes, you will get required support based on your existing support subscription.

Can CyberoamOS devices be managed by Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM)?

No. Sophos Firewall Manager allows management of only SF-OS based devices.

Can I upgrade my Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) to SFM?

No. CCC to SFM migration is not supported in the SFM V1 release.

What is the maximum number of devices that can be managed using SFM?

The top-most SFM hardware model i.e. SFM400 can manage up to 300 SF-OS devices. The top-most SFM virtual model can manage upto 1000 devices.

Does Sophos iView V2 report for CyberoamOS devices?

Yes. Sophos iView V2 reports for CyberoamOS, Sophos Firewall OS and Sophos UTM 9 devices.

Can I upgrade Cyberoam iView to Sophos iView V2?

No. Migration of Cyberoam iView to Sophos iView V2 is not supported in release 1.

How can I take advantage of the new Security Heartbeat?

Security Heartbeat requires you to have both Sophos Firewall OS and Sophos Endpoint on Cloud.


Download the Cyberoam to Sophos Migration Guide (PDF).

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Download the Sophos Cyberoam and Sophos Firewall OS FAQ (PDF).

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