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Sophos Cloud Optix
Solve the toughest challenges in cloud security

Sophos Cloud Optix

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Cloud Optix
Cloud Optix - 3 Environments - 100 Assets - 1 Year
List Price: $18,700.00
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Solve the toughest challenges in cloud security

Sophos Cloud Optix agentless, SaaS-based service combines deep security expertise with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Delivering cloud security monitoring, analytics, and compliance automation with one simple-to-use interface in a process-efficient way.

See everything, secure everything

Automatic discovery of your organization's assets across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments, giving your team the power to respond to and remediate security risks in minutes - with continuous asset monitoring and complete network topology and traffic visualization, including ingress, egress, and internal traffic.

Proactive cloud compliance

As workloads move to the cloud, identifying which compliance processes will be applicable - not to mention how they'll be implemented - becomes even more difficult. Cloud Optix reduces the cost and complexity of governance, risk, and compliance with out-of-the-box templates, custom policies, and collaboration tools.

Speed up the compliance process

Continuously monitor compliance with custom or out-of-the box templates for standards such as CIS, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.

Collaboration made easy

Manage and track compliance to ensure important tasks are never lost, even during a release, using third-party integrations with tools like JIRA and ServiceNow.

AI-powered security analytics and monitoring

Cloud Optix is continuously monitoring and learning about your cloud asset inventory, configurations, and network traffic. AI-powered smart alerts reduce response times and help remediate security risks faster with automated alert ranking combined with contextual information.

  • Continuously monitor cloud asset inventory (S3 Buckets, Security Groups, user access key etc.), configurations, and Security Group logs
  • Identify anomalous user behavior patterns to detect advanced automated attacks due to stolen user access keys or rogue employees
  • Predict how network traffic may flow based on your security settings - preventing potential breach points before attacks start
  • Establish guardrails to prevent, detect, and remediate accidental or malicious changes in network configuration

Smarter DevSecOps

The rapid pace of Infrastructure-as-Code changes due to continuous deployment and DevOps practices allows new software to be released multiple times a day. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on security teams that could leave you exposed. Cloud Optix API-driven architecture enables your DevOps teams to seamlessly integrate security with their DevOps processes - ensuring fast and secure delivery.

Drift detection and guardrails

Continuously monitor and detect drift in configuration standards and prevent changes to critical settings that could leave your organization exposed to security vulnerabilities.

Proactive infrastructure template scanning

Continuously scan Infrastructure-as-Code templates deployed from solutions such as Terraform, Github, or Bitbucket. Identifying mis-configurations that could result in the provisioning of vulnerable infrastructure.

SIEM and DevOps tool integration

Integrate with third party security tools such as SIEM and DevOps tools for CI/CD to simplify security operations.

Simplify management and deployment

Cloud Optix agentless, SaaS-based service works perfectly with your existing business tools.

Connection to cloud accounts in AWS, Azure, or GCP is a simple process due to the provided instructions and scripts, which create Read Only access via the native cloud APIs. Connections can be set up in minutes, and once deployed, Cloud Optix is able to immediately start assessing your cloud environment and providing you valuable information.

Cloud security is a shared responsibility

Public Cloud providers offer a great deal of platform flexibility. But while they're responsible for physical protection at the datacenter, virtual separation of data and environments, whatever you put in the cloud is your responsibility to secure.



  • Agentless, SaaS-based service setup in minutes
  • Inventory management across multiple-cloud providers
  • Complete network topology and traffic flow visualization
  • AI-based user behavior and traffic anomaly detection
  • Continuous compliance assessments
  • Range of out-of-the-box compliance policies
  • Alert correlation for faster remediation
  • Detect changes to critical settings
  • Continuously scan Infrastructure-as-Code templates
Sophos Cloud Optix features
Single pane of glass across multiple clouds
Topology visualization
Network traffic visualization overlay
Security Group visualization overlay
Anomaly detection - network traffic
Anomaly detection - user login behavior
Inventory - hosts, networks, storage, I AM
Inventory - AWS CloudTrail
Inventory - serverless
Continuous compliance assessments
Compliance policies
27001, PCI DSS 3.2, SOC2, EBU R 143)
CIS benchmark policies
Custom policies
Compliance/best practice alerting and reporting
Remediation and guardrails
DevSecOps script assessment

* Features may vary across AWS, Azure, and GCP platforms, contact us for further details.


Download the Cloud Optix Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:


Cloud Optix - 3 Environments - 100 Assets - 1 Year
List Price: $18,700.00
Our Price: Request a Quote
Cloud Optix - Add-on 50GB/day Log Data Ingestion - 1 Year
List Price: $3,300.00
Our Price: Request a Quote
Cloud Optix - 3 Environments - 100 Assets - 1 Year - Renewal
List Price: $18,700.00
Our Price: Request a Quote
Cloud Optix - Add-on 50GB/day Log Data Ingestion - 1 Year - Renewal
List Price: $3,300.00
Our Price: Request a Quote